What is Diaba Plus+ ?

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What is Diabetes?

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How Diaba Plus+ Works?

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Diaba Plus+ to manage the lives of suffering Diabetics

What is special about Diaba Plus ?

Deemark Diaba Plus is a unique formula that promotes healthy blood sugar levels and also exerts cardio-protective action. It offers targeted benefit in one convenient formula that includes today's most popular and beneficial sugar-balancing blend. Diaba Plus is a novel,natural DPP inhibitor and unlike other DPP inhibitors in market, Diaba Plus exerts cardioprotective action.

  • Acts as DPP inhibitor to effectively manage Diabetes
  • Modulates Insulin release, exerts insulinogenic effect
  • Manages glucose absorption & uptake
  • Strengthens ß-cell functional Capacity
  • Exerts Cardioprotective Action
  • Nourishes & Strengthens vital organs
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